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Over our years we have worked with numerous bands and live acts... with all of our experience we have developed a very good feel for what works at an event and what does not!!!

The live acts featured below are all brilliant at 'entertaining' in the true sense of the word... they are dynamnic, interactive, and fantastic musicians and singers.

Because each act has their own way of presenting themselves, we have created a strict framework within which we present the acts to you, based on the information that you, the client, needs to know prior to making a booking. There is an image of the act, a short biography that introduces you to the act, and gives you key information about 'who they are' and the type of performance that you can expect... we try also to add at least one audio/visual example of their work, as well as a track listing of all of the songs that they perform.

Where there are any additional pieces of information that you need to know before confirming a particular act, we will put it in the 'Anything Else?' section at the bottom of the particular act's page... now let's 'rock n roll'!!!


Solo Singers



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